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Association Management

360 Degree Secretarial Support


  • Complete secretarial support
  • Assistance in day-to-day functioning of the society
  • Execution of administrative task
  • Assist and support President, Secretary and other members of society in their respective role


  • Communication within the society/association
  • Providing communication to board/committee members and other registered members
  • To update all the members with society proceedings


  • Arrange/schedule  all committee/board meetings
  • Manage logistics of committee/board meetings
  • Record minutes of meeting
  • Facilitate committee/board meeting communication
  • Arrange teleconferences and video conferences


  • Maintain key documents and records
  • Maintaining member’s records, contact details, addresses etc


  • Maintenance of bank account, petty cash, vouchers
  • Monitoring Finance (if required)
  • Assistance in doing yearly and half yearly audits


  • Regularly maintain and update society website
  • Assistance in content writing
  • Maintain data management software of society (if any)


  • Liaison with govt. authorities (if required)
  • Liaison with medical councils
  • With different vendors and service providers

Who We Are

A brief about us

We are an event management company based in Pune, managing all types of healthcare, medical and corporate events. The experience we have accumulated over the years prepares us to meet all your expectations in the corporate event management spectrum. We are armed with a bevy of ideas that will match any budget. We ensure smooth working from start to end. We will competently resolve everything from slight glitches to complex conundrums. Be it an International Level Medical Conference, Sales Team Meet, Dealer Meet, Annual Bash, Award Ceremonies or an HR Initiative, we will do it all.

We provide flexible packages that assist Companies, Associations and Individuals to meet their objectives by giving the best possible Ideas, Out-of-the Box Concepts and Suggestions in Event Management. The event organizing process is our expertise and we accentuate this method for all our clients. We incorporate originality and creativity to create some of the most inspiring, unique and exciting celebrations you will witness.

We are different from others because it’s not about what we do, it’s all about how we do, and we do it with high level of efficiency, dedication and passion.

Why Us

We have the skill, dedication and the resources to convert your imagination into reality.  We have strong experience of working with IT, BPOs, Medical Fraternity and other Corporate.

We have the expertise, talent, experience to conceptualize and co-ordinate any customized event, making sure you meet your objectives and leave your audience and customers overjoyed.

FutureArch Events is passionately committed to offer excellence in the services by the most creative, ethical and professional way.

FutureArch Events aims to provide 360 Degree Event Management Solutions.


Our Strengths

Relevant experience of over a decade and half in both national and international projects, skilled resources and dedicated team of professional event managers is our core strength. This enables us to offer 360 Degree Event Management Solutions to our clients. We are also blessed with Strong Network of Vendors which acts as a catalyst to our strengths.

Our Mission

We strive to grow the assemblage of happy and satisfied customers by being an event management solution provider for every healthcare and corporate event management need.

Our Expertise

We have a reputation of being a one-stop-shop solution for all the event management needs of our clients. We have expertise in providing existence and shape to diversified needs of our clients into healthcare and corporate event management spectrum.

Core Team

team 1

Tasleem Arief -

A passionate, enthusiastic, dedicated and a mid-night oil burner event manager who believes in putting face and form to something that only exists as thoughts, imagination and abstract ideas. In his career, spanning over a decade has an experience of managing Corporate, Medical, Healthcare and Private Events. He has an image of incorporating originality and creativity to create some of the most inspiring, unique and exciting celebrations which clients witness. Expert in Conceptualizing, Planning, Organizing and Execution and also equally well equipped in Association Management. He has worked with some of the great MNCs and holds Master’s Degree in Management.
team 1

Samreen Maghrabi -

Samreen is a seasoned HR professional; possess Master’s Degree in Human Resources. She has career spanning over a decade and has a rich experience in recruitment for various corporate and companies. She has successfully established FutureArch Consultants as a Premier Executive Search and Recruitment Consulting Firm. Currently heading operations and she is the driving force behind inception of FutureArch Consultants and also playing an important role in establishing FutureArch events as a one stop shop solution for event management. She is equally involved in the overall growth and development of FutureArch Events as well.


Frequently Asked Questions

Planning a conference and any other event is exciting and fun, it can also be extremely time consuming and very stressful. With your hectic work schedule and lifestyle, you may not have the time to investigate the sources for each service, make sure you are getting the most for your money, and pay attention to all the details. Planning a conference or any other event is a full-time job, finding time to look into all the details of event is difficult. That is why FutureArch  Events will save you a lot of stress by doing planning and groundwork for you. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you don’t even know where to start, we will do all of planning, negotiating, execution and making sure that your event becomes not just special but spectacular!!!
As an objective a professional event manager, we can offer a fresh perspective and new ideas for your events. We can help you reevaluate your event goals and objectives to make sure they are realistic. We can offer industry contacts and negotiating skills that can keep your events on budget and often save you money. The most important benefit of us as professional event managers to assist with your event is we will understand all the planning and logistics that must come together to make your event happen on schedule and as desired.
Of course you can. FutureArch Events can be there for you from start to finish or just assist you in areas where you feel you would need the most assistance that is entirely your decision. We can help you get started with just providing ideas, suggestions, contacts, negotiate vendor prices etc. You can hire services of FutureArch Events just for “the day of event” to oversee and ensure the event is executed according to the schedule. Again it’s all up to you as to how involved you want us to get.
You should figure that approximately 10 to 15 percent of your budget will go toward full-service event managers. But don’t let that put you off. Here at FutureArch Events we are different, we do not base our rates on the average percentage but rather work with our clients to create an affordable and customized package to suit your specific budget.

Tips for Event Planning

Lets make it easy for you

Tips for planning a successful event

  • Start Early: Event planning takes more time than you would think. You should start thinking about your event at least a few months in advance.
  • Plan Ahead: Know the basics of your event before contacting anyone about reservations, event permits, or other arrangements.
  • Make Proper Arrangements: Facility reservations should always be step one, followed by Event Permit requests (at least 10 business days in advance of your event). Make sure you make all arrangements outlined after you have submitted your Event Permit request.
  • Be Flexible: Have backup plans in case your first date or venue choice doesn’t work out. Sometimes you may need to change your plans to make your event work.
  • Ask Questions: If you need help at any point in planning, organizing and execution contact FutureArch Events to help you with questions related to event planning.
  • Communicate: Relay all the information, including policies, to your entire organization so every member is aware of the information. Make sure to advertise well in advance of your event.
  • Update: Contact the appropriate administrators within 24 hours if anything changes regarding your event.
  • More Assistance: you need professional event management services, please don’t hesitate to call FutureArch Events on +91 95451 19967, FutureArch Events would be available at your service.


Annual Contracts

Hassel Free Event Management Throughout The Year.

FutureArch Events provides easy and hassle free, customized annual packages of complete event management services that enable our clients to experience benefit of an in-house professional event manager.

Our annual packages are best suited for companies, associations, hospitals and individuals. We take care of all events which come under the calendar year of a company, association or an individual. Our annual packages will assist you to meet your objectives by giving the best possible Ideas, Out-of-the Box Concepts, Suggestions and event management solutions throughout the year.

Whether you are a company, hospital, association or an individual, you can expect FutureArch Events to help you with:

FutureArch Events works with equal enthusiasm and dedication by offering the best possible services and shoulders responsibility of all the events in your calendar year. Our annual packages give our clients a freedom to stay away from all the hassles of event management and enable them to be stress free.

To know more about our annuals packages, please gives us a phone call on +91 95451 19967.



Grow with us


Grow with us

FutureArch Events always looks for enthusiastic talent. If you are, eager to learn and committed to do what it takes to deliver the perfect event, you may just be what we are looking for.

We at FutureArch Events provide internship programs for students in Pune who have event management degree/diploma, under graduates, or student who are interested to make their career in event management. And we also hire management professionals having industry experience.

Send in your CV to and our HR team will get back to you as and when there are any openings.

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